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Lightbox Photograhy offers quick, easy, professional head shots for large and small businesses in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas including New Jersey and Delaware. Lightbox Photography offers a two week turnaround on images no matter the size of your office. We offer three types of headshots: photoshopped backgrounds, traditional backgrounds, and natural candid head shots at and around the office. Based in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania the Light Box team is available to travel to your office and set up a studio on your location-at your convenience or you can schedule your head shot session at our location in Phoenixville PA.

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A single picture is worth more than a thousand words! What every corporation must know is that whether in publications for your company (pamphlets, newsletters, flyers etc.) or visual media (websites, profiles etc.) a single picture is the first thing a prospective client views and processes and it is certainly what they remember. This is the image you want to bring to your clients so make it be memorable, sharp and classic! Set your company apart from the others and do it right the first time!

Stand out from the competition and put your company on another level of excellence! Let our team help your team! Call or email us.



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