Prepping for your Headshot Session

The goal of a great headshot is to look professional and refined. It takes great skill and talent to get the proper soft lighting, sharp focus and expert composition that a talented headshot photographer provides. This is where Lightbox expertise comes in to play. Lightbox is the corporate headshot expert. As the subject here are some tips and guidelines that you can go by to maximize your result in a professional photograph.

*Make a point to get plenty of rest starting a few days before your scheduled photo session. Rest is the most important preparation that a person can do to prepare for their session. Fatigue is mostly seen in and around the eyes with redness and dark circles underneath the eyes becoming prominent.

*Drink extra water a couple of days in advance of your shoot. Proper hydration for the human body is extremely important for all aspects of life. When preparing to have your portrait created-take in some extra water-more than normal- to replenish your skin and help keep it from drying out.

Women- DO AVOID using moisturizers as it does not show well in professional photographs.

*Get your haircut or trimmed. Don't do this the day before or the morning of your shoot. Always give your hair a few days to settle back in after a hair cut or styling.

*Women-make sure your hair is brushed nicely and keep a look out for split ends as you don't want them appearing in your photo.

*Clothing- Bring more changes of clothing than you think we will need. Keep it simple. Most importantly be yourself. Bring plenty of options and we can talk about them together.

*Remember to bring your jacket when posing for business portraits.

*Makeup- If you decide to do your own makeup a suggestion is to purchase foundation and powder that perfectly matches your complexion. Mac makeup is a great company for this.

Some suggestions:

*Solids work better than patterns- when doing a headshot there is almost never a need for a pattern on the clothing.

Women-Try to wear shirts that have collars. Many women will wear scoop necklines that make their shoulders look rounded and heavy. Collars will make the neck appear longer and more slender.

*Clean necklines are better than busy necklines (like lace)

*Shiny like silk is fine but reflective clothing such as metal threads and big buttons etc. should be avoided.

*Colors- It is suggested that you bring an assortment of colors. You know what you look good in.

*Ladies: Bring makeup and hair supplies even if you have booked the makeup artist for your shoot.

Day of your Portrait Session

*Men remember to shave if that is your preferred style.

*Remember to smile and enjoy yourself. Keep in mind that we are trying to capture the best image of you for your corporation and for your clients to view.