Pricing for Lightbox "Green Screen" photo shopped, customizable background- as seen on the top of the portfolio page on this site. You choose your photo that you would like to have put against a new background. We will put your image into three different backgrounds. $100.00 added onto your package total. You will receive this file as a large file and a small internet appropriate file.


Our 10 step process

Step 1: Schedule your photo shoot day.

Step2: Check out our Prepping for your shoot section of the website.

Step 3: -Photo Day- Lightbox team arrives at your location 45 minutes early to set up the on-location studio.

Step 4: Fill out the Lightbox Form to choose your package. 50% of payment is due at this time. Lightbox accepts check and cash payments. The second 50% of payment is due prior to receiving your final files.

Step 5: Have fun at your photo shoot. Lightbox will take approximately 40-60 photos during each individual shoot depending on package specifications which is displayed above.

Step 6: Within two weeks a Lightbox representative will email you with a link to website with 20 of your best photos. This site is password protected so you will receive a password with the link.

Step 7: Choose your favorite photo and email Liz at with the image number within 2 days.

Step 8: Lightbox will retouch your photo and send by email. One retouched image will be large sized and one will be resized for digital media usage.

Step 9: Love more photos that are up on the website? You can order more retouching, prints or file rights from the website.

Step 10: Enjoy your images and post online and print as you please.